Trapped in a bathroom: did she over-react?

I once rescued someone locked in a room that no one before or since locked themselves into.

I’ve never been in a bathroom that couldn’t lock and unlock exclusively from the inside. Sounds like they were due to renovate anyway. She just got a headstart on the demolition!

Not an overreaction at all. Sure, she wasn’t in any danger and would have been fine until Monday if need be. But I have a hell of a lot better things to do with my weekend than hang out in a bathroom the whole time, and I would definitely punch through the wall after less than 8 hours.

As for the husband, maybe he’s an uncaring jerk, or maybe it was already past his bedtime and this is standard operating procedures for the couple. It’s pointless to judge based on the info in the article. But I have no problem judging an idiot who puts the bathroom lock on the outside.

It turns out that the problem was that the door opened inward.

According to another article, her husband was organizing a search party when she called him after she had freed herself.

In Retrospect, I Guess We Might Have Resorted To Cannibalism A Bit Early

Sweet Jesus make up my dying bed, tell me you have a cite for that!

:eek: A photo on the NY Daily News link shows two walls with holes. Theres a photo of the door where she kicked it. She really trashed that bathroom.

I can’t imagine explaining all that damage to my coworkers and boss.

I think this is the reference. :wink:

You mean to tell me you’ve never heard of a lock that is deactivated by turning the knob on one side of the door? Really?

One side automatically unlocks when turned, while the other is locked as long as the button or wafer lock is activated.

You’ve posted this multiple times now. I’m surprised you’re such a delicate flower that a little drywall damage just astounds you.

No I didn’t know about the second hole. The first article’s photo only showed one. I was simply pointing out the new link has a photo from a better angle.

Also, just try hiring a contractor to fix that damage. I guarantee you’re looking at $500 minimum. I’ve done this work my entire life. You have cut the hole out square. Make 4 patches (to fix both sides of the wall), tape, mud, and paint. They probably will end up repainting the entire wall. It’s a two day job because they have to let the drywall mud dry before sanding & painting.

If I were her employer I’d be bending over backwards to keep her from filing a lawsuit. And can easily imagine scenarios where this could’ve gotten a lot worse. If the building is basically closed over the weekend that would be the perfect time for facilities management do something like test the alarm system or do work that involves shutting of the water supply or electricity. Imagine how terrifying that could be. :eek:

There appears to be another lock over the handle.
I wonder if all the doors are locked at closing and no one knew she was there.

I would do exactly that were I in that situation. I’m not gonna sit around for possibly two+ days waiting for somebody to find me. Eights hours is well enough time that I’m going to start destroying stuff to get out of the situation.

I’m a contractor, and I could have that repair done for less than $200, and I’m being safe with that estimate. Any decent handyman would do the job.

I would gladly pay$500 to repair any damage if it got me out of there sooner. IMO, however, whoever designed the locking mechanism should pay for the repairs.

There’s no way I’d be hanging out in a locked room overnight. There’s a reason it’s a code violation.

Hell yeah you’re gonna punch/kick your way through the wall if you can.

Shh! If we play our cards right we can charge them $500. :slight_smile:

You’re right. A handyman would be a lot cheaper. I was assuming a commercial building like this would hire a contractor. He’ll probably get them to repaint the entire bathroom while he’s there. Maybe replace the door if its cracked. Install a lock that opens from the inside. etc.

If I were her employer, I’d be seriously worried about a badass lawsuit for negligence. The security camera wasn’t manned, the door lock was apparently defective, and nobody checked the building. It’s times like this that make me wish I was a lawyer and this would be the dream case that would pay for my new yacht.

Meanwhile, if I go to the bathroom at the office late at night, I’m taking my cellphone, a couple of snack bars, and my sledgehammer, just in case.