How would you have reacted?

Well, the toilet got clogged at work again, and this tim it was really bad. Fortunately I didn’t get stuck having to deal with it like I did a few weeks ago- I came in to work and one of my coworkers was already working on it.

Suddenly I see her run out of the bathroom. Her face and hair is soaking wet. Her eyes are red and teary, and she has a panicked expression on her face. The first thing I was thinking of was, oh great, the toilet exploded or something. But no, it was something else.

Evidently she was plunging the toilet, and in a great hurry to finish (since she needed to go back out and get stuff done). Her hand slipped off the plunger in mid-plunge and it shot into the toilet. The toilet, already heavily soiled from the abuse of several children using it that day after it was clogged, had quite a bit of feces in it, and aparrently when the plunger fell in the toilet some of the feces flew into the air, where it spattered co-worker in the face, eyes, and her open mouth she didn’t take this too well, and the supervisor, given the circumstances, let her go home 30 minutes early (her shift would have wrapped up soon anyway). She had apparently rubbed liquid soap all over her face/eyes and scrubbed her face in the sink to try to get the feces off her.

I kind of wonder if there are some people who would have reacted worse (run outside screaming with poo still spattered on their face) or better (nonchalantly clean themselves off in no panic, continue their shift, go home call doctor, ask questions, etc.





What would I have done? I would have never ever ever got into that situation.

Oh Dear! The poor thing! But I must agree with you, Lobsang. I would have let some other bunny worry about the clogged latrine! I certainly wouldn’t have attempted such an abhorrent task!

I spent many years up to my elbows in my own kids’ baby-shit, but there is no way known I would clean out a toilet that was full of crap. That’s what plumbers are paid for, and why they charge a King’s Ransom for doing so.

And as Lobbers said, that was really TMI, especially as I am just about to serve up dinner.

Diahorrea on toast anyone??



I could have lived the rest of my life without opening THIS thread, but NO…


Great visual imagery!

Holy SHIT! bawhawhawhawhawhaw!

No effin way. That toilet woulda stayed the way I found it. Come to think of it, I may have just shat on the floor for good measure.

That having been said, that must have been some athletic plunging, I mean wow!

Note to self: keep mouth firmly closed whilst plunging caca-filled potty…

How’s this! I’ve got frogs in my dunny (latrine for those that don’t understand Strine). Yep, common desert tree frogs, and not one or two but about 20-30.

Can be quite interesting, first flush to let them know you mean business and allow them time to find sanctuary, then relieve yourself, wipe, look. Holy crap, there is a frog riding on the paper! Do I flush it or save it…

FFFFFFLLLLooooooosssssshhhhh !!!

I always thought kermit was a tosser anyway!!

hey, everyone’s avoiding the OP - how would you have reacted? regardless of whether you’ll be caught anywhere near that situation in the first place.

myself, i would have rinced my mouth with soap or something, run out screaming and give everybody a bear hug. then i go see a doctor.

Clean up. Carry on.

(Army service in your past does that to you)

I’d have called Lieu. I’m sure he knows SOMEONE who’s been in this situation. He may have already addressed this problem in a previous thread! :wink:

I’d have gone up to every one I know, told them how much I loved them and given them a big hug and kiss.

Having worked in a nursing home as a nurses’ aide… I wouldn’t have reacted much at all. Clean up. Carry on.

Oh,wait. I would take a moment to get revenge on my dog and go lick HIM in the face. (He likes to lick people’s faces after eating poop.)

Well, I would have been mad at myself for being such a dunce and trying to fix my bosses toilet, washed very well and carried on (unless my clothes were soiled and then I would have asked to go home).

I would fix my own toilet at home, but not a toilet at work. That’s what plumbers and bosses are for.

I’m actually mad at myself for opening this thread.


OK, if “not plunging the toilet in the first place” isn’t an option, I probably would have reacted much like she did, and then found a supervisor and explained the situation. And probably then run down to Employee Health here after cleaning myself off somewhat and trying to gargle with soapy water and rinse my eyes out…

I had a situation a few years ago where there was a flood in our work area. When I arrived (first for the area) at work, there was under an inch of water and it wasn’t over the entire suite yet. Called maintenance, and went around rescuing electronic/computer equipment from the rising water, then various important papers. 2-3 hours later, it had filled the suite and was draining outside the suite entryway too, into the hall. I was wading around in maybe 4" of dirty water. Then maintenance finally mentions that the water was backed up from the sewers and was surely contaminated with sewage. Hey, we had enough water pipes burst in the building that I had no idea. They never cleaned our floors so I thought the dirt was from them, and there wasn’t an easily-identifiable smell to it. I told the supervisors that I was going home to sterilize my feet, told the main desk the same and that they were going to take our calls since I was forwarding the phones there. Ew. Ugh.

Eurrrgh. TMI indeed.

Anyone you work with ever heard of calling a plumber? just sayin’…

How would I have reacted?

I probably wouldn’t have tried in the first place-I would have started gagging.

If I DID try, and what happened to her happened to me, I would imagine that I would vomit and have a panic attack.