Travel Agent Appreciation Thread

One of the joys of my job is that I get to travel around 'Merka several times a year performing accreditation surveys. Actually, I seem to spend a lot of time in the midwest, particularly Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa for some reason. Don’t mind it tho. Lots of small towns and rural areas, but I have a soft spot for places that provided rehabilitation services in small towns and rural areas.

When I’m about to do this, I contact the travel office of the agency for which I do these surveys. The travel agents at this office are really super! They are patient, verrrrrrrrrry patient peoople who don’t mind answering the million questions I always have about travel arrangements. They even take into account my idiosyncracies such as only wanting window seats, smoking rooms with king size beds and hotels that have a place where I can get a beer and a sandwich after a long day. Today, they outdid themselves. I wanted to include some vacation travel along with the work related travel. They worked with me and were able to get me a super airline fare for where I wanted to go and even booked a hotel for me at my destination. The good thing is I only have to pay for the flight that I’m taking from where I will be when I perform the survey to my vacation spot. They will fly me home from there. Hey, they send me out they gotta get me home. :smiley: It’s just great to know that they always do get things just the way I want em to be. I often tell both of them what a great job they do and how much I appreciate their willingness to put up with all my weirdness. Thanks Y’all!

Finally! Some positive recognition!

As a Travel Manager for a Company in NorthEast Ohio, I thank you for your praise. Travel agents have had to deal with repeated cutting of commissions on one side and clients playing them against the internet on the other… all the while trying to provide the highest customer service to their clients.

I tell ya folks, the internet might save you a few bucks sometimes, but the expertise and knowledge of my brothers and sisters in the travel industry can’t be duplicated in cyber-land.

The Travel-Guy thanks you.

<—former agent for 25 years.

Please, please make sure to send a note to the agency and mention the agents by name. Address it to their manager. They’ll love you even more.

You keep the agents happy and they’ll move heaven and earth to make you happy.