travel around the world from one spot

If you had a helicopter and flew it striaght up into the air and held it steady in one position, given unlimited fuel, would you eventually travel around the world ? :smiley:

Not the first time this has been asked :slight_smile:

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No, you’d actually have to fly it around since the atmosphere is also rotating along with the earth at the same speed +/- wind direction.

ok, my thoughts are this:

It all depends on how you view “motionless”

If you select a spot on the earth as your “hoverpoint” , then no the earth would not “turn under you”.

If for example you selected 3 stars to act as your guidpoints (3d triangulation) and assuming that the stars themselves aren’t moving and ignore any other movement except the Earth’s rotation along with no atmospheric effets then yes the Earth would “Turn under you”.

My personal viewpoint, I could be mistaken.

Oh one other thing I forgot to mention, the movement would not occur if you took off from the poles. the movement would be greatest at the equator and decreasing as you got closer to either pole.

This isn’t entirely true as the air mass lags slightly overall but it is certainly much closer to being fixed to earth rotation than not.

If the air mass was “stationary” with the earth rotating under it the west wind in the northern US latitudes would be about mach 1 and getting faster as you got to the equator.