Travel directions advice, London - Devon

I need to drive from London (Gatwick area) to Fenny Bridges this Saturday. Multimap is telling me the quickest route is M3, A303, A30. But I can’t help suspect that’s not the case - it looks like crappy single carriage roads for much of the way. Does anyone know this road? Should I go M4-M5 instead (which Multimap says will be an hour slower)? (I’d hate to be late for the wedding…)

Hmm. My parents live in north Devon, so I do a similar journey fairly regularly. The A303 is not too bad, but can get very slow on the single carriageway stretches. The A30 does get very slow, as you suspect (but I don’t have to do this part).

I suspect that the fastest route (although consideravbly longer) would be to go via the M4 and M5, right down to junction 28 of the M5, and then take the A373 to Honiton and join the A30 for the last few miles on to Ferry Bridges.

This would involve taking the M25 round as far as the M4, though, which can also be hellish.

Thanks, I’ll do that. It’s an early-Saturday start, so the M25 isn’t a worry. But being stuck behind caravans through Dorset would be :wink:

Be aware that either route will be slow on a Saturday- holiday change-over day. A very early start or late start is the only way to avoid the traffic. It may be worth thinking about traveling late on Friday evening or in the small hours of Saturday as this is often the quickest time to do this route in season.