Travel for work? How many days were you on the road in 2005?

By my estimates, I spent 280 nights in a hotel room last year. Can anyone beat that?


No one travels for work here?

I can start it, but it’s pretty pitiful.

2005: 1.

And even that one was just a day trip - wake up in Chicago, go to DC, come back, go to bed in Chicago.

Wow. That’s a lot.

I just counted - 99 for me. This was about half of what I did in 2004.

no - some of us travel, but I know that even at my travelling peak a couple years ago, I came nowhere near 280 nights in a hotel.

Does your SO know that you sleep around so much? :stuck_out_tongue:

You state on the road, then tell how many days you spent in a cosy hotel bed.

I figure I spend 19.4 days actually on the road for work if I calculated correctly, with some additional time on sidewalks, but you didn’t ask that.

No. Maybe that’s about the amount of road time I’ve logged since I joined the jet set in 2000.

Slacking last year. About 35 nights in various hotels (from a suite at the Luxor all the way down to the Superior Octavian) in '05 for me.

Can’t beat Happy, but let’s see…101 nights at Marriotts, 17 nights at Starwoods, 23 nights at Hilton properties.

141 nights for me.

Even my best year (1998) does not top his 280. Dang, that’s a lot.

It takes me 3 minutes to walk to work.

94 nights in a hotel in 2005, a new personal record.

Checking online, I find 44 in Hilton hotels, 9 in Fairmonts, 22 in Holiday Inns, and 37 in various others. So 112 all told. Pretty busy, but not a record.

The entire month of March I was able to be at home for work. Had that not happened, I’d have broken the 300-day mark this year.

I guaran-damn-tee I won’t be breaking 280 this year. This travel is getting to be too much. Although with the out-of-town per diem, I was able to buy a condo this year. Mission accomplished but no mas.


36 overnights, about 50 day trips and 10,000 miles driven. All in the state of Montana, except for a couple of nights in Chicago. That’s my average travel numbers, though my mileage was a little low this year.

I’m tired of it but will need to do another 7 years in this job to be able to quit and pull a 50% pension. Then I want to get a job where not every contact requires me to interpret law.