Travel to Honduras--Chloroquine necessary?

I will be in Honduras (specifically, Roaton) for one day, taking a long hike. The CDC recommends Chloroquine as an antimalarial. The cruise line says nothing about vaccinations or antimalarials.

Is Chloroquine a good idea, even for such a brief exposure? I will also be in Belize, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel for a day each.

I spent a lot of time down there a few years ago. Working as a sailor, we were given the option. I’ve always been very wary of taking pills, and didn’t take them. I was fine, even after spending 2 weeks on the Mosquito Coast. One guy was hallucinating after taking the pills.

Another vote for no. I’ve travelled to and worked in Central America and the Caribbean since 1987 and haven’t taken anti-malarials since my very first visit. It is important to protect yourself against mosquito bites anyway, since there is sometimes a risk of other mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue. Use repellent and appropriate clothing, especially at dusk.

I am convinced that the anti-malarials I took all that time ago have done irreparable damage to my system. I’ve suffered from indigestion on a daily basis ever since.

Roatan is lovely, have a wonderful trip. :slight_smile: