Travel Web sites and Amtrak?

I know that most of the major travel Web sites allow you to combine flights, lodging, and car rental. Are there any that include Amtrak in the mix as well?

I don’t know, but WeGo helpfully (if inaccurately: Burbank, f’r instance) points out that Amtrak does not serve any airports.

And Baltimore.

But even if that were true, I wonder if I’d be able to combine Amtrak/hotel, or whatever.

Seems they say Amtrak does not fly to Burbank. I think one could argue that assertion is somewhat accurate

Orbitz includes “rail” as an option on their site, but when you click on the “search” button, it just takes you to the Amtrak website.

Ah. Thanks

I seem to recall that Amtrak reservation system is incompatible with that of the airlines, and the travel services are set up to interface with the airlines.

It is possible to book cars and hotels directly through OTOH, if your journey requires you to change trains, you’ll need some sort of degree in advanced necromancy to find anything useful. I just went over there to look at a trip from Austin to San Francisco.

Logically, it’s a three step journey. Austin to LA. LA to Oakland. Bus to SF

Amtraklly, it’s flat out impossible. To get to Oakland, though involves (among many, may other fragments of travel) an eight hour bus trip from Oaklahoma City to Kansas City. :smack:

Getting to Oakland on Amtrak is a bit rough, but riding a bus from Oklahoma City isn’t needed. Catch the Texas Eagle (train 21) in Austin, to San Antonio, where there is a tri-weekly connection with the Sunset Limited which will take you directly to L.A. You don’t even have to get off the train in San Antonio…they switch the cars to the Sunset.

Course, I can’t guarantee that you’ll be on time, but that’s a different story.

Might want to aim for Sacramento instead of LA, as Amtrak heads to Oakland from there.

I know that, you know that, but Amtrak insists I have to travel through most of the lower 48.