Traveler's Insurance?

I’ve been thinking about switching from State Farm to Traveler’s to save dough on my condo & car insurance.

Anybody with experience?

I’ve never had a claim on my homeowner’s policy while with Travelers but their customer service is great. I had one accident about 2 years ago and they handled it as well as any other insurer I’ve ever had. I’d recommend them.

One problem I had - they encouraged me to go to some body shop they had a close partnership with… there was a travelers adjustor who worked there full time and it was supposed to make the whole process extremely easy. There was also a rental shop on premises which again was to make things easier.

Travelers did everything they could to deliver on the easy-peasy promise, but the body shop itself was HORRIBLE. The original estimate was 2 labor-weeks, and about a calendar month. It took almost 3 months. I don’t blame Travelers for that but I think they should have been more forceful about getting my work done.

I got unlimited miles on a free rental car so I really wasn’t all that pushy.


Anybody else?