Travelling from South Bend to Chicago-suggestions?

My plan is to take the rail($10) into Chicago, thus saving the gas money, and, more importantly, the hassle of driving into Chicago(which I have done, to my regret). I don’t need my car in the city.

Any tips?

Although I never took the train, I did take a chartered bus one time (a CoachUSA bus through Tri State). Pricier then the train but, IIRC, more options on the schedule and shorter travel time.

It was the scheduling options that dictated my choice.

Relevant link for the South Shore line.

Also, buy your ticket at the station if you can - there is an extra charge if you pay on the train when your station was open and selling tickets. (General info link that cites that rule about 1/3 the way down the page.) Also, I know that if you ask at a Metra station for a round trip you’ll just get two one-way tickets, so don’t lose the other one if your line is the same. Other than that I can’t think of anything - I take Metra daily and find it’s pretty painless.

That’s helpful. Thx.

I have a nephew who teaches at Notre Dame. I guess I should call him as I have no doubt he’s used it.

This is totally not useful to me, but you might enjoy it - I was considering grad school at Notre Dame (medieval history) and so we went through there several years ago when we went to Chicago. It was January. I’ve never lived anywhere but the deep South. We were almost to Notre Dame when I realized that those really, really flat fields? Those are rivers and ponds and stuff frozen with snow on them.

We used to take the SS from LaPorte (ok really Michigan city) frequently on the weekends.

The daily trips seem crowded with a lot of regulars. The trains hit the schedules at least when we used them.

I have never had any problems or hassles other than occasionally drunk Bear’s fans :).

Although I seem to recall Broomstick seeing some drunks on there once.

Overall not too bad of an experience. Books, laptops, and headphones will make it even better.

I had no problem letting my kids go to Chicago on the SS when they were in their late teens.