Travelling This Long Weekend? Please Be Careful!

We aren’t going anywhere and when I’m not “Wacrafting” and if you want to, we can chat. When I’m playing, from to time I’ll hit the windows key and if I am not there immediately, I’ll be there soon.

Something to do, right? :cool::):cool:


Is “Wacrafting” some new religion or something?

Too late!

We’re snowed-in in an RV park near West Yellowstone, MT.

We hope to be able to creep downhill below the snow line around noon, tomorrow.

Wish us luck!

(at least we got to tour the park for three days prior to the winter wonderland)

TriP Took a bunch of WACs down the Chattahoochee River on a raft, my friend. We had us a time!!! :wink:


It wasn’t until yesterday (Fri.) that I realized we’d be finishing the last leg of a looong trip at the beginning of Memorial Day weekend. It was a nightmare. 3 major cities, 3 sets of traffic snarls.

Note to self: Next time, look past the return date for holidays.

Good luck, Rich Mann!!!:wink:

(Is anyone believing his name???):):):):))


We used to read “Mother Earth”, and always used to just to just nearly take off and find us a commune, but then we came to our census.

Nice dreams, though.


I hit a deer traveling up to my sisters in MD.

Hoping the rest of the weekend turns out better.