Travels of a CareBear

I am very confused … somehow this little EVE Online carebear has ended up in 0.0 space … and I am still alive :confused:

I have carved myself a niche as a miner in a PVP alliance in Fade, and I seem to be some sort of mascot :smiley:

Actually it is a lot of fun … I hang out in teamspeak2 and for the first week they were very careful to use nice language … the occasional swearing would be followed by apologies, but they finally relaxed as they discovered I could drop the f-bomb with equal aplomb :eek::smiley: and it didn’t offend me!

I am still learning how the politics of 0.0 work, and was in my first gate camp - but the enemy didn’t show up, but I had an hour long discussion of how to gain control of a system, and how to set up soverignity, and how low sec economy and logistics were different from hi sec economy and logistics. My fighting niche will probably end up being in a covert ops ship, cloaked and watching a gate or station to provide intel =)