Our treasure resigned, and our rules say the executive board can asked for volunteers, and appoint the replacement, after almost a month someone came forward and said she would do the job. The president called the rest of the board and they all agreed to appoint her. The president sent a email to the members saying who would be the new treasurer, a few days after that the VP called and said they had another volunteer. Question must we take the new volunteer? we have a meeting tomorrow to sign the paper to say the first volunteer is now the treasure. The reason for all of this is some of the members think the balance of power is upset, and they like having their way. Can they stop the first appointment?

The power to appoint a new Treasurer (and other Officers) should be described in a set of rules. Normally I’d expect that to be by majority vote of the Executive at a properly convened meeting. That means sufficient notice to all members beforehand with notice of the agenda.

This is probably more appropriate for IMHO than GQ.

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I think the simplest answer is that the treasurer is whoever the majority of the board says it is.

If there’s some question about that, it would depend on whether the initial decision was the result of a duly constituted meeting. Your bylaws and state laws will determine whether that was the case. But even then, if a majority of the board wants to rescind the appointment and appoint someone else, I expect they have the right.

Maybe I am missing something, but what is the problem with having a choice between two volunteers?

Granted, they both took their sweet time in putting forth their offers, but still…this gives you all a chance to see if they have a clue. Do they know Excel or have experience? Maybe find out if they are out on parole or something?

I don’t see the downside to selecting between two volunteers.