Treatment of Allied POWs by Nazis--what if they weren't caucasian?

We all know of the Nazis racial obsesion.

And plenty of African Americans served in WW2.

Were black POWs abused?

Jewish POWs from the US?

How about asians? Or the Nisei (sp?) volunteers?

American Indians?

Were any of our soldiers sent to the Camps?

Info plus links appreciated.

Just anecdotally, I heard a story on NPR a month ago or so about how the germans captured a bunch of American soldiers who were black. They basically rounded them up, forced them to dig graves, and then executed all of them.

Tried to find links to back up anecdotal reports.

Found - Hitler’s Black Victims: by Clarence Lusane on Amazon.

Try the US Holocoaust museum site ( follow down the page for web links.

IIRC the Washington Post Book Review section recently reviewed a book about American POWs who survived German concentration Camp.

I also remember from one of Ambrose’s books, I believe, that Jewish soldiers did not list their religion on dog tags.

To add to your list you should also include the Slavs. From what I understand the treatment of US soldiers was better than other nationalities (esp. the Russians). There were instances of summary killings and deportation to concentration camps but I don’t believe it was the norm - not to defend the Germans if you read about the treatment of Poles and Russians.

Sometimes it didn’t matter what their ethnicity was.

Don’t forget Germany’s small prewar black population, the children of German women and African soldiers stationed in Germany following the first World War. Hitler had a campaign to sterilize the “Rhineland Bastards” (misnomer; not all were illegitimate!), and most died in the concentration camps.

In 1940, during the campaign of France, there has been summary executions of black prisonners (also propaganda movies ridiculing them have been shot, showing them dancing or defecating, for instance). The fact that these executions were taking place was known very early, since despite the campaign being short, orders were issued stating that soldiers belonging to african regiments should be accompanied by a white officer in any circumstance.

Some of the Russian and Serb POWs in Norway were sent to labour camps in Norway to be worked to death.
2.368 Serbs died
15 500 Russians died