Trees that smell like cream soda

There is a conifer that grows in the Sierra Nevada (and elsewhere, for all I know) that has the most wonderful, magical, delightful property. If you put your nose up to the bark, it smells exactly like Canada Dry Vanilla Creme Soda. It’s not a mere suggestion, either: it’s right there.

Has anyone else encountered this? And does anyone know the species of tree?

Ponderosa or Jeffrey pines?

Seems like it could be either one. Cool.

“Cream” soda? Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Cecil link of interest.
Disclaimer: I’m in New York. I have no idea how close the “Bay area” is to Los Angeles.

Yeah, I know about the semen trees – I lived in an apt complex with one. I don’t believe they’re unique to LA; at least, the one I encountered was 400 miles from LA (in the SF Bay Area).