I had heard somewhere that there was a grove of trees somewhere in which all the roots of the trees had grown together to form one giant living organism. It was supposedly the largest living organism in the world! After doing some (limited) research (I only have computer access at work) I figured out the most likely area for that was a grove of Aspen trees in Utah but Icould find no more information. Does anyone know anything about this?? Either Cecil doesn’t or it is too boring of a quesiton to ponder in his column because I have sent it in a few times over the last couple years and I love this site so I am on it everyday anyway!! Can someone tell me where this is and whether it is actually the worlds largest living organism??

I thought rather than growing together, they had sprouted and divided from a single plant (and may still have been connected at the roots).

There are colonies of fungus that span hundreds of miles.

You are probably thinking of this aspen grove:

It’s not that the roots have grown together - it’s that the whole grove has sprouted from a single root system, so that all the trees are all part of the same organism, and genetically identical.

There is not a consensus on this. Other sources grant “largest living organism” status to a fungus in Oregon:

Previous large fungi from Washington and Michigan had the title at one time.

One of the issues, of course, is that you have to determine what you mean by “largest” - greatest area? most massive? I’m sure people have other contenders as well.

Here’s your huge aspen grove, JDEAN

But it’s not the largest living organism. A giant underground fungus is considerably bigger:

Also here:

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I, too, read about that somewhere. Until then, I thought it was Marlon Brando.