Trekkers, tell me about Garth of Izar (poss. spoilers)

BLUF: Waitaminnit, is the Garth of Izar from Prelude to Axanar the same Garth of Izar in TOS’ Whom Gods Destroy?

I had seen Prelude to Axanar and recognize it may not be canon, but the story discusses the Four Years War between the Klingons and Federation. Captain Kelvar Garth (of Izar) developed innovative tactics to “fight the ship” with the new Ares Class cruisers, helping turning the tide of the Four Years War..

Last night, bingewatching TOS’ Whom Gods Destroy, there’s a character “Captain Garth of Izar” that Kirk marvels at, directly referencing “Axanar” in Kirk’s dialog. Garth of Izar, in this eposode is a ‘criminally insane’ prisoner on a penal colony who was “a former starship fleet captain, mentally unstable as the result of an injury.” In the episode, dialog indicates something about a mutiny on Garth’s ship, but it’s not really explained.

Not having seen Enterprise, Discovery or any of the other spinoffs, I gotta ask, is this the same guy? How does a genius Starfleet Captain go from war hero to criminally insane incarcerated zero?

FTR: I’m seriously impressed by the fan-film, and royally pissed that Paramount went to such lengths to squash any further work. They shot themselves in the foot, if you ask me.

If there’s some continuity, I’m all Vulcan ears!

AFAIK it’s entirely fanwank. Paramount isn’t about to let independents play in their galaxy.

I’m more upset that this miracle cure turned Garth into a shapeshifter (which don’t exist before DS9, (according to DS9)). That’s a cure that a lot of people would take.

What about Martia in ST6? That predates DS9 by quite a bit.

That’s my point. The people in the 24th century are suffering from collective amnesia.

Or a definition problem. “Well, Garth et al could shift their shape, but they weren’t shapeshifters.”

Obviously MIB still exist in the 23rd Century.

Only answer. Otherwise, there would be an error in canon. You know what that would mean, don’t you?


So, what Starfleet should do is look for volunteers to get the Garth shapeshifting repair, get an injection of kironide, and then go through the galactic barrier.

Those that live will be…something!

Of course, Garth may just be a shapeshifter who took on the aspect of Garth of Izar (for…reasons. Maybe he ate him.) and because it was acting erratically, was assumed to be an insane Garth and committed.

I dunno @silenus, I think it’s pretty damned good for an independent. I like how it ties the political drama with the military side of things. It’s giving Paramount a run for its’ money.

I mean, c’mon, “ST4: The One with the Whales”? :roll_eyes:

Actually that makes a lot of sense.

Garth: That was my only miscalculation.