Treme: Is it as Good as The Wire?

Looks like Treme is closing in on season 2. I’ve only watched 2 episodes, an early ep from season 1, and the most recent ep from season 2. My last viewing has made me curious about the show in general. Should I take the time to view the series from beginning to end? Is it (so far) as good as The Wire was?

I don’t think it’s as good as The Wire but I like it, especially the first season…watching recent episodes without having seen the whole thing will spoil some plot points.

It’s a solid series, particularly if you enjoy New Orleans jazz. It’s mostly about the music and musicians, but has expanded the plot to include shady business dealings and some other things. The most recent episode was a breakout, IMO, and Simon returned more strongly to what he does best. Many of the actors are veterans of The Wire and The Corner, but it’s impossible to compare the two series otherwise, as the subject matter is entirely different. The actors do quality work, and the regular use of many of NOLA’s better-known jazz/blues artists makes it more realistic.