"Trending Threads" section on the front page suggestion.

The Dope is “your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks.” Is that the image visitors are getting about the SDMB when they see that snapshot on the front page?

So, get rid of ATMB and Pit threads. The former is irrelevant and often petulant. The latter has a high chance of being profane or inflammatory.

While you’re at it, weight topics from GQ, IMHO, Cafe Society, and MPSIMS more heavily than threads from Elections and maybe Great Debates. Give visitors an image of a general purpose forum where people ask questions and goof around rather than one where we’re just screaming at each other about contentious topics.

They can figure that out after they sign up. :slight_smile:

Maybe its because I am already signed in as a member but I’m not seeing what you are. I tried hitting the message board link on the SD Home Page and all it did was send me into something/some news story about Trump which I quickly closed.

But in general terms I agree with the idea of not including the Pit and ATMB.

It’s the main page of the site itself (not of the message boards):


Over on the right. Where at this instant, the third-highest-trending thread is:

Tumblr can eat a gigantic bag of porn-sized dicks

Got it – except in my browser and the “classic” format its down on the bottom left. Right now I have

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, on How to Pay for Medicare for All
#MeToo backlash is hurting women (Bloomberg article)
Tumblr can eat a gigantic bag of porn-sized dicks
How is Mason1972's example worse than the Zimmerman shooting?
White liberals dumb themselves down when they speak to black people, a new study contends
Warning in Positive Gun News
Cover songs that missed the spirit of the originals?
What exactly is mass?
This still exists?? Your moments right out of the past.
"Cafeteria school lunch" pizza from the 80's. Can an individual get this anywhere?

Some sort of filter on that list would be a great thing, I agree.

Trending Threads is just that … a list of the threads gettings the most views. It’s a simple list with no real filters except that I can show threads or not.

I’ll keep a closer eye on it.

your humble TubaDiva