Trespassed from Oregon high school

On June 5th 2012 my friend was trespassed from my high school. At the time he was 14. He went to peer court and was sentenced to community service. He completed that and in September was enrolled into the school again. He has since finished high school and started college. Is he still not allowed on the school grounds?

Why are you asking us?

The only way to tell, IMHO, is to call the principal. They have discretion as to who is allowed on property.

Uh, trespass is not a passive verb. You can trespass, but you can’t be trespassed.

You’ve been trespassed on my freedom to grammar.

The OP’s friend seems pretty ambitious. In June 2012, he was 14, that would make him now at most 16 and even possibly 15. But he has graduated high school and already enrolled in college. Pretty impressive!

I agree with everyone else, but I would also say that it is unlikely he has been specifically barred from being on school grounds. If something like that were to happened, it would have also prevented him from re-enrolling in that same school. It’d be very strange to prevent him from being on school grounds years after he’s been allowed back unless something else happened in between.

Of course, if he doesn’t have a legitimate reason to be there at the time he’s actually there, he’d be trespassing just as he was before. If he’s no longer a student there, he can’t just show up and pretend he is one. But this would be the case even if he’d never trespassed. He’ll have to go through the office and try to get a guest pass like anyone else would while school is in session. And he could only otherwise be there when guests are allowed, like sports games or similar.

This laughed me.

I don’t know how typical this is, but in the LAUSD nobody other than students, staff, or faculty is supposed to be on campus except with the permission of the principal’s office, although you don’t need to get permission beforehand provided you first go directly to said office to obtain such permission. I don’t imagine that anyone with a reasonably good purpose in visiting is turned away. I’ve visited local high schools a few times to research local history, and have always been made to feel welcome.
At least as welcome as in the recurring dream in which I have to return to HS to take one exam that I missed for some reason…

And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us,
and lead us not into temptation,
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“Trespassed from” is fairly common usage. It’s shorthand for being “no trespassed;” i.e. being told not to trespass. It’s not an example of the OP not knowing something. Which I guess makes some of you look pretty dumb.

And you forgot to bring a #2 pencil. And you suddenly realize you’re…NAKED! :eek:

I agree with** Jimmy Chatwood**, although I really don’t like it; sounds very strange to me.

Maybe it’s a fairly common regional usage in some part of the country, because I’ve gotten through 60 years without having heard either “trespassed from” or “no trespassed” spoken, and without having ever seen them in writing until now. So I’m kinda skeptical that they’re fairly common usage in America generally.

It can’t be that common. This thread is the seventh Google result when searching for “trespassed from.” Seems like it may be a New Zealandism?

IANAL, but generally, after having been “trespassed from” someplace, if one returns there, one has committed “Criminal Trespass” and may be arrested and tried for same.

So then the OP’s question becomes how long this lasts, and whether having allowed him to return to the property negates being warned of trespassing.

In other words, if he were to appear on school property again without being sure that he was allowed to be there, would he now be trespassing? Or would they have to still warn him and give him a chance to leave, like anyone else?

If he were to appear without permission, he’s trespassing. He’s already been warned. Would they HAVE to warn him and give him a chance to leave? NO.

Is there an Oregon in New Zealand?

Like the OP, I also am in Oregon and trespassed is common cop speak here. Means you have been officially informed that if you return you will be cited for trespassing.

I see it almost daily when I read my local police report, like this item from a couple days ago.