My house is on the corner of a block. Cars LOVE to mow over my grass and my driveway to make right turns, thereby bypassing stalled cars waiting for the green light.

Can I legally put tire spikes on my grass to discourage the use of my driveway and lawn as a shortcut?

Or should I barricade my lawn and driveway with more innocuous stuff, such as lawn chairs, a lawn mower, and bags of fertilizer?

Almost certainly not. How about a fence/wall?

The trouble with spikes is that you are going to wind up with some very irate motorists, and their cars will still be on your lawn.

The other stuff you suggest should be fine if you don’t think it is likely to be stolen, or how about planting a shrub or two?

Because the Secret Service would never allow it.

Some of my neighbors have tried very large boulders. Until the county government told them that driving across the lawn wasn’t illegal, but putting boulders on your lawn is.

or…(drum roll, please)…garden gnomes!!!
yeah…everybody knows that garden gnomes are tacky, and lower your property value (and your self respect).

But I’ll bet that people who are willing to drive through your flower beds won’t dare to run over a gnome.

Try it!

And please report back to us.
We could even make a slogan: Fighting ignorance, one gnome at a time.

Bird feeders on tall poles, decorative fencing, shrubs, a highly visible chain hung diagonally between the house and the corner, a raised garden near the corner planted with tall stuff. Not nearly as much fun as tire spikes, but probably less likely to piss people off.

How about just a sign saying “Warning: Severe Tire Damage”?

Trespassing laws are highly variable from state to state. Draconian in Texas and Florida, but pretty toothless in some other states. I think in Florida, trespassing is a felony on a construction site, and considered prime facie evidence of intent to commit other felonies.

So check out your state laws, and see what trespassing consists of in your state.

You might also approach your council, and ask if they will buy a strip of your property and build a turning lane.

I’m having a bit of a time picturing this. Can you maybe post a photo?
Isn’t there a curb they have to drive over to get to your driveway/lawn?

This may come as a shock to you, but not all roads have curbs. They are very expensive add-ons to streets, and not much called for if there are no sidewalks or much pedestrian traffic.

There is no curb. The problem is that there is no dedicated right turn lane. As a result, my lawn and driveway are used as a turn lane.

I know that. But I’d still like to see a photo just to get a visual.

For a driver to hit both the lawn and driveway sounds like they’re going over a pretty big chunk of his property. This sounds significantly more than just an annoyance to me.

That takes a helluva lot of gall. Have you made any official complaints to the police or city/county?

up to the edge of your property, or the allowed setback, place some metal fence posts, string a wire fence on it. plants peas or a decorative climbing plant.

I agree with this…maybe not the chain, though. And along with this put a sign stating that this is not a turning lane, no trespassing allowed. Be careful that you actually put these on your property as generally the state/city has a right on way alongside the road.

Spike strips are right out. You would be liable, and maybe even criminally so if someone got hurt. IANAL. YMMV.

I can’t picture it either. Does the driveway run parallel to the street people coming from, or perpendicular to it? How much grass are people driving over? 1 foot? 6 feet? 12 feet?

Anyway, isn’t the solution just to get a fence?

Yeah, but you could sell tickets to the show.

I’d buy one.

  1. Set yourself up as a contractor.
  2. Set exorbitant rates for your services.
  3. Build a fence on your property.
  4. Set up a video camera to record people crashing into it.
  5. Sue them for damages, at your inflated rates.
  6. Profit!

At the risk of being whooshed, there are undoubtedly people out there who will go out of their way just to squash a garden gnome.

Political signs, lots of them.