trial and error and error

more so in actual hand-writing than typing, but sometimes when i realize that i wrote down a wrong set of numbers in an equation and attempt to erase and fix it, i keep writing down that wrong set of numbers repeatedly and perhaps subconscioulsly. Is it jus my pure stupidity or is there any neurological/psychological explanation for this?

I don’t have an answer for you, singstimme, but welcome to the board.

No clue either, but it has happened to me, too.
I hope ther is a neurological/psychological explanation for it, otherwise we have to accept ‘pure stupidity’ as the answer…

Hmm. Do the numbers remind you of your mother?

I am perfectly willing to accept my gift of pure stupidity. But it’s just the fact that I am aware and conscious of the mistake that I am making while it is still in its process that make me think that there has to be sometihng neurological that causes a delay in the processing of the perceptual input.