Triangular ship?

Recently I was watching the Discovery Channel show about the salvage operation of the Russian submarine Kursk. At one point they showed a brief view of one of the ships in the area, and I think they said it was a Swedish (?) navy ship keeping an eye on the operation. The ship had the most peculiar shape - more or less stubby a triangle, as wide as it’s long.

Any idea what kind of ship it was, and the reason for such a peculiar shape?

Icebreaker ?

It’s a norwegian inteligence (research they say) ship, it’s called “Marjata” I think.
The shape is to reduce noise when listening to submarines.
It spends most of the year “spying” on Russia.

Information (scroll down)

That’s the one!! Thanks!

I can’t find too much info in English though. Do you (or anybody) know what kind of noise they’re trying to reduce (sonar or EM?) and why this shape is optimal?

They reduce the noise by placing the machines a special way (they will not say how) and other reasons they don’t explain. The hull is also designed to be very stable.
The ship also listens to EM and uses radar.

…other ways they don’t explain.
AFAIK this is the only ship of it’s kind in the world which means that they don’t like to answer questions.

Thanks again Barks.

To be honest I didn’t even realize there were dedicated spy ships, though it makese sense.