Tribeca Film Festival - Help Me Choose!

I am not sure if this is in the right forum, so mods please feel free to move it if necessary.

The Tribeca Film Festival is coming up from April 24 - May 4 and I am going to go see one of the documentaries. It is rare that documentaries are actually shown in theaters and I am jumping at the chance to see one on the big screen but I am having trouble choosing which one to see!

Based on my availibility and the film schedule I am trying to choose between these three:

My Life Inside

Gotta Dance

I Am Because We Are

For those of you who don’t want to click the links, My Life Inside tells the story of an immigrant who came to America and got work as a nanny but then her charge died in her care and now she is in prison for murder, Gotta Dance tells the story of a senior citizen dance troop that performs with the New Jersey Nets, and I Am Because We Are is the story of the children of Malawi.
Of those three movies which would you most like to see? Which do you think would be the most interesting? Least interesting? Have you heard anything about any of these films that would sway you one way or another?

Well, Gotta Dance sounds a little too much like the heralded Young at Heart (coming soon to a theater near you), so if I were the one choosing, I would feel comfortable skipping this one.

This leaves the other two. From the descriptions, I’d personally lean toward My Life Inside because of the story, plus the other one sounds like it may be a little too routine in its approach (Children in peril? Check. Famous talking heads? Check). At this point, a documentary has to hook me as much on the approach it takes and not just the subject matter it tackles, so that also leans toward Life.

What seals the deal for me is that the blurb for Life was written by Peter Scarlet, whom I know personally and who used to be the program director for the San Francisco International Film Festival (the oldest film festival in North America, also starting next week), and while our tastes haven’t always aligned, I trust his judgment enough so that My Life Inside would be the one I’d buy a ticket for, if I were in your shoes.

Just my $0.02.