Tribes 2 Graphic and frameset problems?!

I just bought this new game and my computer is pretty fast (its a 98 with 600 mhz, Soundblaster soundcard, i forgot the video card but ill check it later, Direct x 8.01, and 64 mb of ram) And well usually all the games I play, usually work, except for now. My question is: What do I need to do (literally to my settings) for my computer to take effect and begin corresponding with the game? Please help! Thank You.

What is the exact error you are getting? Does the game even install? Do any other ‘3d’ games work? What’s your video ram?More details needed.

It says unhandled exception error. Yes, the game does install. Yes, my other 3d games work. My video ram, i dont know? How do i find out.

u might want to go here for help

just be sure to read the installation guide and rules first

Actually, your computer sounds like to is way behind the curve for gaming. I checked the system requirements and you seem to be running the minimum amount of RAM for this game. Also, you need at least a 12meg video card. I would reccomend a quick RAM upgrade, you can get 128 megs of PC 100 or 133 SDRAM for $20 or less these days and it would be a big speed improvement. To check out what type of video card you have, right click on My Computer, goto properties, click the Hardware Tab, click on the Device Manager Button, and then click on the Display Adaptor. Also, what 3D games do you play now? I know Half-Life and mods would run fine on your machine, as would many older games, but newer games like Unreal Tournament2003 or Battlefield 1942 wouldn’t run at all on your system.

The “Unhandled Exception” was a really common problem for Tribes 2. I forget what the solution was, if there was any, but try to gather all the patches and check the Sierra forums if they still exist.

I agree with most of the comments you’ve already recieved, except that I’ll suggest that you should add another 256MB, at least. Most modern games require a minimum of 256MB to run well, and the newest ones, such as Battlefield 1942, require a minimum of 512MB.

In this case, I think the main problem is a game bug. Try downloading the latest Tribes 2 patch, see if that fixes things. However, even if you get it to run, I doubt it will work properly on your system due to your current hardware setup. Even with the additional RAM, a 600Mhz CPU is going to be somewhat iffy, and your videocard probably moreso.

thanks superduck! AND WELCOME TO THE BOARD! :slight_smile: I can now play thanks to superduck and the rest of you, but…the game play sometimes jumps…but it’s okay now. :slight_smile:

the best solution is to take back Tribes 2, and buy Tribes 1

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