Tricare, military health insur. R U covered Worldwide?

a friend of mine is staying with her folks in Europe until her DH completes his naval tour duty (Nov), she’s in the reserves. She just learned she needs major surgery, but worried she’ll have to return to states (where no family lives) for the surgery. Anyone know if that’s what she’ll have to do?

My family had TRICARE for a few years before I got out of the Navy. Your friend should have a TRICARE card with a phone number to call for pre-authorizations and information for what to do when out of area.

She might also check out the TRICARE website:

I hope this system has improved, though, since 1999. My then two-year old son had to go to an ER while out-of-area for a severe asthma attack. It took nearly two years of wrangling to get TRICARE to cover the ER bill. In fact, I think the hospital may have given up on collecting the full bill from TRICARE. (My dad was the hospital Chief of Staff, so that may have helped.)

thanks Roby. my friend got the info you needed, I guess like the experience you mentioned, she’s worried about out-of-area healthcare svcs and out-of pocket expenses, but I think she got the clarification she needed today!