Tried and true fundraising?

Hey all-
I’m in charge of our company’s American Heart Association walk. One of my duties is to provide our walkers with some fundraising options rather then just begging for money.

I already am considering a raffle (not many people won’t spring for a raffle ticket). Any other ideas? I did a web search, but I don’t know if the companies I’ve seen are legit or not, and I’d rather know for sure that a method works.



How about a car wash or bake sale? It seems every weekend around here there is at least one of those going on. I ALWAYS stop at a bake sale and the car wash always looks packed. Just a couple of ideas.

A quasi-celebrity auction involving company members.

A date with Mr. X.
A meal cooked by Ms. Y.

You get the idea. In my experience, these have worked brilliantly.