Trigger-Happy Liberal's & Gun Violence

Can someone explain why Liberals are so violent?

Why is it that neighborhoods with the highest concentration of Democrat supporters are also the most dangerous? See Any Crime Stats - for you delusional idealistic zombies.

We are ALL familiar with neighborhoods we wouldn’t enter after dark…And, how do they vote…? We know the answer.

Anyhow, why aren’t any Democrat supporters condemning this kind of behavior?

To you “It’s Whitey’s Fault-Crusaders”…How is blaming someone else helping the situation?

I want to hear reasons NOT excuses (or opinions from Lala Land).

Let’s discuss the reality.

Has it occurred to the honorable gentleman that he might have reversed the cause and effect? I believe poverty begets violence, not the other way around. Poor neighborhoods tend to be violent neighborhoods. Poor people tend to vote for that party which they believe best represents their interests, i.e. the Democratic Party. These two tendencies of poor neighborhoods- high crime and voting Democratic, are consequences of poverty and not cause and effect of each other.

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I beleive the poster in question is not really interested in a debate.

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