Trio of random medical questions (not advice, just curiousity)

So this past weekend I got a “stomach bug.” I didn’t go to the doctor or anything, but it was the standard rigamarole.

Here’s my first question, regarding fevers.

What I was always told is that your body heats up to fry the little bastard invaders, and so fevers are good for you as long as you don’t get hot enough to cook your sensitive brain meats or other organs. If that’s true, it makes sense, but that seems to be for the normal fever which goes roughly like: aches and pains, a little dizzy, feel hot and sweaty and want to sleep a lot until the fever goes down and then you feel better.

For fevers that I get with stomach stuff, it doesn’t ever do that. Instead, I get hot, then I get cold, then I get ROASTING, then I freeze, then about 5 minutes later I’m sweating buckets, then I feel like my bones are going to freeze solid. Sorry for the language, but seriously - WTF is up with that? It doesn’t seem anywhere near the same thing as a normal fever. It almost seems instead that my body is totally blanking on temperature control. What gives? What does my stomach have to do with temperature regulation?

Other questions later…

IANAD, but my theory is that your body is trying out different temperature ranges to find one that the particular bug doesn’t like. One of my kids used to get a temperature drop when she was ill. The doctor told me that just happens sometimes, not to worry about it.