Trip advisor - but for Covid issues.

I went to a Nursery yesterday to pick up some plants. Outside shopping was fine. But inside the store and checkout, was miserable. Employees not masking or distancing. Cashier sneezed, but not into her elbow pit. Should’ve left, but I was too invested by then.

Do you think a trip advisor or Yelp, but for Covid issues could work. Give people a heads up before they go to a shop. I think it could be useful. People who are anti-mask can find friendly places and the rest of the sane people know where to avoid.

I think it could be a useful service, and help peer pressure businesses to adopt anti-spread policy

That’s what google review is good for.

Do you have a Facebook neighborhood group? That’s what I’ve been using.

My NextDoor group is full of people asking about whichever businesses they’re interested in. Also people posting about businesses that aren’t doing a good job.

I don’t know where you are, but here in AZ, the nurseries are all jam packed. I drove by 3 yesterday, not a parking spot anywhere.

Posted conerns on NextDoor, some people went off the rails and tried to rip me to shreds. I was hoping for more universal, less personal way to exchange factual info.