Trip insurance payout - how difficult?

We had booked a trip to Florida in January. Now dealing with sudden and extended illnesses on both sides of the family. We’re old but healthy and our help is needed and appreciated. How much hassle is it to cancel trip and get the trip insurance payout?

Just looking for generic info.

We had trip insurance for a Hawaii vacation a couple of years ago and had a doctor come see my wife and daughter at the hotel–it was the fastest way to get them taken care of. It took a little back and forth, but between my health insurance and the trip insurance every penny of the $2000 bill was covered.

I suspect this question will wind up in IMHO, but in my experience–surprisingly easy. Probably more than you want to deal with at this time, but it should work–if the reasons for cancellation are included in your policy.

It will depend on the policy. You are probably covered if one of you becomes ill, possably if a dependant becomes ill. Check your policy.

As said above. You need to read the policy to see if you are covered for near relatives as well as yourselves. If you are, you will need to produce receipts for any expenditure that you want to be reimbursed for.

Are you talking about trip cancellation insurance, or are you asking if trip health covers extended family?

I thought from your OP it was trip cancellation, but other posters seem to be talking about health insurance?