Trip to Northampton, MA

I spent the weekend at Smith College. Some observations.

  1. My feet do not get cold. Even in cold, wet, rainy weather I’m fine wearing a pair of topsiders without socks.

  2. There is actually a place in New York called Pleasantville. I took pictures.

  3. I have learned how to instinctively evade police when speeding.

  4. My car can get up to at least 100 mph (I came on other traffic before establishing top speed)

  5. I need to spend less time in Norfolk around Navy types, and more time around college types.
    that is all

That is all.

No observations about Smith? Sheesh!

Smith '01

You were in Northampton and didn’t go to Sylvester’s? I dream about their banana bread french toast.

I will check out Sylvester’s next time I make it up there.

As for Smith, definitely a pleasant atmosphere. Going to school there would be a joy. Unfortunately I have a 2.8 high school GPA and a Y chromosome.

So, you’re over-qualified, is what you’re saying.

[sub]I am so gonna hear it for that one.[/sub]

Northampton is one place I’ve wanted to go for a very long time. I lived in Massachussets for 3 years, and never made it out there.
What was so special about it? I was born there, but never lived there.

Once I’ve finished my coffee, yes, you are.

I dunno’ I’m not sure I should even dignify that comment with a response. :slight_smile:

Smith class of 2000

How long does it take to drink a cup of coffee?

A long time, apparently.

I still owe you an email, don’t I? Or a letter bomb, perhaps. Wait, I think you should write me now, you scoundrel. But not a bomb in that case.

Haydenville! Haydenville! HAYDENVILLE!!!

Sorry… I used to visit the Hamp area every summer, and I miss it terribly.

Northampton’s a nice place - people are very friendly there. I was in Northampton just a couple weeks ago, and decided that my only gripe is that the streets are all tiny and confusing. But it’s pretty cool town.