Tripadvisor linking to your facebook account without your permission ?

I discovered today that some of my information on facebook has been linked to my tripadvisor account without my prior knowledge or permission.

I feel as though my privacy has been violated. If I wanted my info on facebook to be shared with everyone on tripadvisor I feel as though it should be my decision to do that.

I sent an email to tripadvisor expressing my dissatisfaction with what they have done.

I am not the most savvy tripadvisor or facebook user, so maybe this is common, but the idea of info being shared without my knowledge does annoy me.

Thoughts ? Comments ?

Message already sent to the mods that the thread title should be
“Tripadvisor linking to your facebook account without your permission ?”

In my experience, you give permission although it might not be obvious at the time that you do. You are quickly clicking “yes” trying to accomplish something and one of the things you agree to is allowing the app permissions to post in your name/etc.

Just a thought.

Fixed the title.

This is my bet as well. It’s probably in one of the agreements you clicked without reading. Facebook now requires more visibility from other organizations who want to link to them and requires specific permission for each action in a Facebook approved format which helps protect people agains occurances like this.