Trivial question about a steering wheel cover

The fake leather cover on the steering wheel of my 2018 Prius has torn, which is annoying. I’ve purchased this steering wheel cover to cover up the torn area. Notice that the cover has a smooth part towards the rear (away from the driver) and a textured part towards the front, except for two “wings” in the smooth part that wrap around toward the driver. The photo shows the cover mounted with the wings on the lower part of the wheel, around 4 and 8 o’clock. It seems to me that it might be better to mount the cover upside down compared to the photo, with the wings at 10 and 2, where my hands will normally be resting when driving. Looking at the photos by reviewers, it seems like about half of them are indeed installed in this upside down position. I’ve never used a steering wheel cover before so I have no experience with them. If the wings are not there to rest your hands on, I don’t understand their purpose. Any comments about why one orientation would be better than the other?

2 & 10 o’clock are the classic hand positions but lot’s of folks hold 4 & 8. (Assuming they’re using both hands which isn’t a bet I’d take.)
The leather covering the joint being at 12 o’clock would annoy me but there’s no reason not to put it on whatever way makes the most sense to you!

I’ve used covers on all of my cars for the last 40 years. My first was from Wheelskins, and since then that’s all I’ve used. They are pricey, however.

IMO they put the wings at 4 and 8 because that’s where they think drivers’ hands will usually be. I think you’ll be fine trying it rotated like you want.

IMHO: I’m pretty sure I’ve read that the 4 and 8 position is preferred because it’s less likely to interfere with an inflating steering wheel air bag. Less likely to snap your arms like (crunchy) pretzels.

Experts at the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) now recommend 9 and 3 — on opposite sides of the wheel halfway up — as the ideal steering wheel hand placement. The 9 and 3 steering wheel hand position maintains good control over the wheel while reducing the risk of injury from the airbag.

Thanx for actual research — I wasn’t feeling motivated. I’ve tried off and on to use the lower position (4&8) but always revert to 10&2. I’ll give the radial grip a try and see if it sticks.

:blush: Pshaw, actual research would have been getting the advisory from the NHTSA, I just did a Google vomit.