Trivial Things that annoy you

Can be anything

I will start
Losing at Fifa
Waiting in queues

Gum chewers.


That 5-8 seconds after the metro train comes to a full stop but the doors remain closed. WHY???!!!

Beater cars parked in front of my house
Buying good-looking oranges only to find that they’re too tart to eat
Shopping websites that want me to register just so I can browse

My little dog begging to go out, and when you open the door she hesitates because it is cold.

Getting change at the checkout line in the form of a “receipt sandwich”:

hands me my paper money change
on top of that lays the goddam receipt
on top of the receipt places the metal change

Am I the only person in the western hemisphere who doesn’t stuff receipts into their wallet with the currency or something?

I prefer the coins first (the old fashioned way: “forty seven forty eight forty nine, FIFTY, seventy five, THREE, four five and five is TEN”) but I don’t get bent out of shape if they use the LED cash register information to hand me the dollars first (“Your change is…Eight dollars… and fifty four cents thank you have a nice day”), that’s fine —I pinch the edge of the bills between a couple of fingers, dump the change into a pocket then slide the bills into my wallet, works fine. But the damn receipt sandwich, yeesh! Yes it’s trivial. Burns my butt anyway.

No, no, no. Coins first, then bills. If they put the bills in your palm, then the coins on the bills, the coins are just going to slide off onto the damn floor.

When I was taught to use a register, this was exactly what I was told. Now clerks insist on giving the bills first for some stupid reason. (And of course they don’t count at all, up or down.)

People who start opinionating based on only one side of the story. Could be anything. Drives me nuts.

The cat demanding my attention as soon as I start playing Guild Wars.

It’s so that all the people on the platform who plan to try to get on the train before letting people off have time to get into position obstructing the doors.

Guy in front of me on the way to work this morning driving ONE MILE AN HOUR slower than I wanted to go.

The highway between the town that I live in and the CBD in the next city is about 24km, with about 12 sets of traffic lights. And the bloody things are not synchronised EXCEPT to always turn red just before getting to them.

I agree on gum chewers, all of whom should be shot.

People trying to get on the bus/train before everyone who is getting off does so.

Groups of people who take up the entire sidewalk and who get snotty if you refuse to get out of the way. I usually just run into them. Also people who block hallways, doorways and sidewalks. Also people who text while walking, which implies that the rest of us should get out of their way so they don’t miss the latest “LOL”.

Our current postal carrier who doesn’t knock on the door when she leaves a package on the porch in plain sight.

A group of people dining together, all bent over their phones. They’re not with me so it doesn’t affect me personally, but it just annoys me to see a tableful of phone addicts ignoring one another.

You didn’t want only logical annoyances, did you?

People who insist on paying for groceries with a wad of coupons (which in and of itself is not a bad thing; I support thrift!) half of which aren’t honored at that store, or are expired, or aren’t for the product/size/quantity purchased, who then also insist on not only paying with cash, but paying with exact change, and then taking the time to rummage through their purse/pockets for the necessary coinage.

All in the express line! :mad:
People who go through the “Self Checkout” lane at the store, and do NOT know how a bar code scanner works, how the touch screen works, how to look up produce, what the function of the rack of store bags next to the scanner/checkout is all about, or how their ATM/debit card/PIN works.
People who take forever at a drive up ATM. In the time they take to make a $20 - $40 withdrawal, I can balance my checkbook, plan my retirement, and refinance my mortgage. Fortunately, I can take advantage of the “Cash Back” feature at the grocery store, so my time spent in Drive-Up ATM lines has gone down drastically in the last decade-plus.

I’ve observed this phenomena more frequently in recent years: people who stop at a red light half-way into the intersection; or who stop at the red light like a normal person, but who then begin slowly creeping forward, inching their way into the intersection. In a few instances, I’ve seen them creep far enough into an intersection that they actually block cross-traffic, making pedestrians walk around them as they traverse the pedestrian cross-walk, and giving both pedestrians and green-light cross-traffic drivers alike equally unapologetic “Fuck You” stares.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, that’s my preference as well. And it’s how I was taught back when I was on cash register back in the day.

But I can cope with bills then coins. They put the bills in my hand and I clasp the bills between index and middle finger on one side, and between little finger and fourth finger on the other side, and the coins rest on top. Then it’s reasonably easy to dump the coins in my pants pocket and slip the bills into my wallet.

Like I said, the part I can’t stand is when they put the goddam receipt into the mix. I don’t want it in my wallet OR my coins pocket. And now it’s a two handed operation to sort this mess out.

I’ve said it before but --------
other drivers who don’t give you a wave or something when you do something nice for them like letting them out into traffic or such.

People who say “I could care less”.
It’s “I couldn’t care less”, dammit!