Troll and Trolling. Please explain?

Off topic, but it was “Grange Hermitage,” not “Hermitage Grange.” These days it’s just “Penfold’s Grange” because we gave in to the French and don’t use their regional descriptions any more. Same reason we stopped referring to our sparkling white wine as “Champagne.”

While some may see it as pandering to the cheese-eating surrender monkeys, I think it’s more a sign that our wines deserve to be considered on their own merits rather than comparing them to European regions (we also stopped using the term “Rhine Rielsing” and other regional terms).

A couple of years ago I was on an American Airlines domestic flight (in First Class) and asked for a sparkling wine. The Flight Attendant asked “do you mean a Champagne?” I said yes, but I thought “that would be great, but I very much doubt you have any.” Of course it was from California - OK, but not capital “C” Champagne.

Oh, that’s what happened with sad flower? I assumed it was a certain banned poster coming back.

sad flower might have been that too, BigT. Quite likely a troll and a sock. I don’t know for sure if it was a sock, I’m not a mod, but that thing was trying to prey on the kind hearted and I wanted to see it dead. It was the message board equivalent of a vampire.

That thing needed to be taken out before it did damage.

I am truley sorry for your lots.

Troll of trollery, saith the Guest, troll of trollery, all is trollery.

'Twas brillig and the slithey trolls did gyre and gimble in the wabe.

It couldn’t have just been that pathetic, like mookie?

She(?) came back under another name with a “fooled you all” kind of message, ripping on Idle Thoughts and admitted to being sad flower.

Quickly gone.

Wow… I was wondering what the punch line to the banning of Sad FLower was… I must have missed that post.

What the heck is a slab of VB?

The poster did come back under another name and didn’t last long. The message didn’t say anything like “fooled you,” but it’s true Idle Thoughts and sad flower will probably never be friends. :frowning:

:confused: I was ripping on the “How is babby formed?” meme. Whoosh!

I trolling your dog!

Pssst, “I am truleysorry for your lots” is from the same thing.

Ahh, looks like I was the whooshee, then.

[Emily Litella] Never mind. [/Emily Litella]

Oh I noted him. It was a strongly worded note, too. :smiley:

All fine and well, but what in the hell is a “slab of VB”?!

A pack of Australian beer.

Hell, I thought it was a chunk of Visual Basic programing code…

Now as an Aussie I can shine. A slab is a carton of 24 beers… VB is a local brew short for Victorian Bitter. Its a polarizer in Australia as people love it or hate it. For those who love it its the Very Best and for those who hate it its Very Bad (and other derogative terms).

Hope that helps.

Yep, you sure did Ellen. She’s good… I must say.