Troll and Trolling. Please explain?

As somewhat new to this site and this way of communicating and not up to speed with its rules and regulations I was recently scolded by the moderator to cease an activity called trolling. To now I am not quite sure what she meant?

To me a Troll is a fairy tale figment of imagination and Trolling is something serial killers do when they are “fishing” for a victim to abduct and kill.

As far as I can see I admitted to exaggerating a little to make my story more interesting and if anything it was an attempt at humour on my part about abusing pharmaceutical drugs and its over usage in modern day life. I wasn’t getting the response I wanted (humourous agreement) instead I was inundated by practical and pragmatic advice and warnings of being in such a situation in the first place.
So I kind of worded to one, especially, and all: Look. Im only JOKING! In other words I was telling half-truths and telling stories to get a response… don’t we all at times embellish the truth to make a story sound better?

Then came this character called Sad Flower with her/his lament of “nobody likes me, everbody hates me boo hoo blah blah”. And Monkey With A Gun is saying “Dude! Listen to what I am saying! Its a Troll man!” or something to that effect.

So from all this I figure Troll and Trolling is a form of trouble-making, disguising oneself to adversely affect others to get some kind of perverse thrill?

If I did this to anybody it was not my intention in any way I am truly sorry and whole-heartedly ask for them to forgive me.

In my country, Australia, I would be more a Dickhead than a Troll. And thats a fact because I am always getting in trouble for being a dickhead, just ask my wife; as for Trolling and the like that sounds very sinister and heavy-duty stuff which I would never condone.

Please help me fight my ignorance, thanking you that Aussie DickHead Dennis!


It defines “troll” in the internet sense.

Moved MPSIMS --> ATMB.

That’s pretty much the definition of trolling, Internet style.

Context is all-important of course. Telling half-truths and stories to get a response is the hallmark of a successful standup comedian. If one is solely out to raise hell on a message board, not so much.

We do have a shortage of honest dickheads though. :slight_smile:

That’s trolling. While you and your friends might do this, I don’t. I think it’s a cultural difference. This was pretty common in the US, especially anywhere that wasn’t on the Eastern coast, but it seems to have died down.

You need to go back and read the Registration Agreement. Even if your eyes glazed over at the Wall Of Text, the very FIRST rule is “We have one guiding principle: Don’t be a jerk.” So don’t be a jerk. You should also read the stickies in ATMB and also in any forums you wish to post in. Because we (the moderation staff) assume that you have done so.

For the Straight Dope Message Board

Is it true the mods once banned someone for trolling the ancient yuletide carol?

I banned a troll in Reno just to watch him die.

And if you’re not careful, they’ll Rick-Troll you.

And attempting to kiss and make up doesn’t work, either. Trollips are already a dime a dozen. Of course, being an Aussie I think there’s a deal to be made. I miss a good lamb roast, even if I can now get fresh Aussie lamb at Costco these days. Inviting Tom and Nicole, though, has been out of fashion for a few years so don’t go there. Got any Hermitage Grange or a slab of VB?

Troll and troll! What is troll?


Here’s the troll version of the ancient yuletide carol.

In terms of words, word usage and semantics Dickhead is slightly more polite than Jerk. Jerks can at times have mean intentions but Dickheads will always be, and remain so, silly and unintentional regarding the consequences of their actions.

But Jerk it is written and Jerk it remains

We do, however, have some honest-to-God dickheads.

I once trolled a man just for snoring.

I am just going to buy a couple of slabs of VB. After the doctor.

Of course one may cancel out the other.

How is troll formed?

A troll is a little bird tweeting in meadow. A troll is a wreath of pretty flowers, which smell baaad.

Cicero, are you dead?

Well, if his name comes from a particular Chicago suburb, … :smiley:

Dennis Arthur PERRETT, in case all the jokes about “trolling” in this thread didn’t tip you off, what you did is different from what sad flower did by a couple of orders of magnitude. sad flower was a bad thing. Him or her created a completely false persona purely to prey on the most gullible, and I wanted that thing to be killed with fire. What you did isn’t necessarily good, but you haven’t even warranted a mod note yet. I wouldn’t sweat it too much.

So the take home is: just try not to be a jerk.