Troll rampage

the bbq-pit sorta looks like a witch hunting site nowadays. except the witches are called trolls. could you all who are blaming this guy and that girl of being a troll just relax a bit, before you yourselfs become that what you are condemning(trolls).

troll is a very negative word, please use it carefully. its not a word to casually throw at people for one “trollish” post they made.

take care

I’m going to support bj0rn a little bit, here. Not every irritating poster is a troll.

On the other hand, watching the two “troll watch” topics is amusing, since they don’t really have any impact on the rest of the board. As long as everyone who needs to alert the board to new trolls keeps their warnings in those two threads, we won’t get too cluttered with pointless threads. (New Forum suggestion: Trolls I Have Spotted?)

C’mon folks, lighten up.


We created the Pit to clean up the other Forums, and now we have a Forum suggestion to clean up the Pit.

Let me get my broom :).

Somehow I think a shovel might be a little more appropriate.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

Yeah, it is kind of ridiculous when any time someone disagrees with you they call you a troll.

Like what, I’m supposed to be insulted or something? If you don’t like it then don’t respond! Calling someone a troll only marks you as a newbie.

A REAL man’s opinions are inflammatory enough that he doesn’t need to paint a target on them. - Me

So, Konrad, in your opinions, ChiefScott, Byzatine, Kellibelli, and Andros (to name a few posters who named names) are newbies?

Aren’t you little busy as both sig monitor and judge of pretentiousness to also do us the favor of determining our opinions about other posters?

I think the T-word should be used sparingly, only when it has been demonstrated fully. (Like Andros did with Phaedrus) But there are times when it is appropriate, and it’s pretty high handed of you, Konrad, to make sweeping generalizations about anyone who uses the word.

In the interest of clarity, (and protecting myself from selective quoting) the following is your post in its entirety:

I agree.

Sound advice.

This is what I take exception to in my post above.


how glad i am to find people who agree with me :slight_smile:

keep up the good work

Be easy on the Trolls ? Never !

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Now, c’mon folks, let’s hunt some more Trolllllllllsssss !!!


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Damn it Coldfire, I am STILL waiting for the whips, chain and leather underwear section !

: : grabs cat-o-nine tails : : don’t disappoint me again !

Well, since my name came up: I’m very careful about who I mark as a troll. Just because someone doesn’t agree with me doesn’t mean I brand them a troll.

I’m having a heated debate with several posters in another thread and I have not once called any of them a troll. I have not gone around the board, stalking them, and trashing them in threads that have nothing to do with the debate we are having. Actually, in some other threads, these same posters and I AGREE on the subject of that thread.

IMHO there is a difference between posters I find irritating and posters who are basically assholes spoiling for a fight. There are a lot of posters I don’t even bother reading because I can’t READ what they are saying. I’m not going to waste my time sifting through a lot of misspellings and clumped together words to find the diamond in the rough.

As to my newbie status: I guess we would have to decide on the definition of that word first. I lurked for a while and then, liking very much what I saw, I joined on 8/15/99.


Where are these trolls? I hear they’re big as a bear!
People say they’re fiendish and ugly but certainly not rare!

It’s said they hide in closets and in the cracks of your wall,
If you disturb a chandelier, from there too they shall fall.

My eyes say this place of trolls is bare,
But some claim to have killed three, with only a stare!

These troll hunters must certainly be brave,
To search for a troll and come back with its head.
They must be so common, that I as a knave,
Am even afraid to look under my bed!

A slight distaste you keep,
For gremlins that steal children and sheep,
But for your hatred of trolls to run so deep,
I s’spect they must haunt you even in sleep.

CF- I’m looking for something that can take out typing fingers with one swift blow. What do you recommend?

The IQ of a group is equal to the IQ of the dumbest member divided by the number of people in the group.

a good one konrad.

there is one interesting thing about the witch hunt that happened only here in iceland. it happened in no other country in the world. in iceland there were more men burned for witchcraft than women. if my memory serves me correctly there were 18 men burned, but only one woman.

understand that as you want to. just dont misunderstand it, thats all.


If it isn’t my trusted regular client Rousseau…

Hmmmmmm… taking all typing fingersout in one blow… lemme see now…


I’m sure you’ll like this here rusty axe, that I curved for your convenience - it now perfectly encompasses the human palm. Severing a few digits is no longer a lengthy task: even your Grandma could do it now !

Thank you, that’ll be 15 bucks. Do come again, and remember… nothing like a Happy Hunter !


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

and who says the internet is full of no-do-gooders sitting infront of the computer all day to lazy to even fart?
this has resulted in a blooming buissness of armsdealing. who says the internet cant be used for useful purposes hehehe :slight_smile:


Thanks, Coldfire. Now, do you know where i can get a plane ticket to Reykjavik and an Icelandic phone book?

The IQ of a group is equal to the IQ of the dumbest member divided by the number of people in the group.

Icelandic phonebook:
Yue Han sez:

Insult me or ignore me, but don’t whine to em like a bitter ex-girlfriend.

I don’t know why you picked those people in particular, but like I said, I never saw this kind of thing on BBSes. Draw your own conclusions.

I picked those posters because they have all posted in the past about people considered trolls. They are respected, prolific, posters on the Board, and are counterexamples to your comment that anyone who calls someone a troll is a newbie.

Who the fuck cares what you did on BBS? Every time you get off on trying to dictate how other people should act on the Board, someone calls you on it. And every time that happens, you haul out your “I’m an old-timer from BBs and know better than you, you damn newbie” story.

You have done this in the past, times I referred to in my post. How clever of you to dismiss this as “whining like an ex-girlfriend.” It seems questionable to me that someone as abrasive of you knows the sound of an ex-girlfriend, but maybe you’ve seem them in movies.



Yeah, hit 'im again!!

The IQ of a group is equal to the IQ of the dumbest member divided by the number of people in the group.

:::trying not to sound smug:::

Yep, good ol’ Konrad couldn’t carry it off. Did I, the most vanilla of posters, not ID Konrad as a troll, way back when? Hearts of palm, this is almost as cool as “Men in Black”! The disguise was good, but the patter, the intent, the rhythmn were just so slightly tainted and…the mask falls away!

Gentlemen, ladies and assorted life forms, start your torches! (If Coldfire wasn’t on that drunken journey in a stolen beer truck, we could get him to pull out the heavy anti-troll ammo.)

Or…instead of the non-PC and emotionally laden term of “troll”, should we consider the “pods”?