Trolls R Us redux [Now the argument clinic]

It’s voids wondering if they are voids all the way down.

Even Chuck Norris would be in deep shit if he did that. M is toast.

Hmm - new watch list candidate: edwin_klockars. 2020 signup, 1 hr read time, 15 topics viewed. And this: 6 topics created, 3 posts created.

Currently asking Can DNA prove my relation to deceased grandparent? over in GQ. He was also the one behind the weird (now closed) thread about I have a crazy true personal story about a billion dollar business…what is the best medium to tell it? in IMHO; which - ah - drew a certain amount of skepticism.


Catfish guy thinks Derek Chauvin was tugging one off while killing George Floyd, and he wants you to know about it - so much, that he posted about it four times. He got one taker but I’ll bet was hoping for more reactions.

It even has shades of the paper towel “experiment” to prove he’s right:

Watch the muscles in his forearm. Now, try to replicate that movement with your hand in your pocket.

Starting at post 37 in the Minnesota trial of Derek Chauvin thread.

Lolol. Points for creativity.

I’ve gotta ding him for being flat out disgusting though.

Why hasn’t he enjoyed a scenic vacation in the cornfield yet?

ETA: I see why

Apparently @hajario has decided they want to start trolling. In a thread that’s literally about how people will harass people who are doing their best to get shots, they have the audacity to post this nonsense:

A single line which is shitty, but could just be a brainfart in a bit of frustration, but then, while I was writing this, they decided to up the ante:

So not only are they doing the very thing the OP of that thread is about, saying that anyone who doesn’t do things the way they think “doesn’t really care,” but they think the poster has PTSD and are telling someone with a mental illness to just get over it.

To be that brazen, to harass someone in a thread about that exact form of harassment? Pretty obvious trolling.

Fuck that shit.

Stranger on a train is a bit of a pompous fuck and contempt-aholic. I don’t think he actually has PTSD. Hajario was probably just joking about whatever made Stranger put Kaiser on his hate list.

I think the PTSD part was just a dumb joke about Stranger being pissed off with Kaiser after a bad experience with them. But that post was just oddly aggressive, I didn’t get where it was coming from at all.

He’s very jealous of Elon Musk I’ve deduced at least that much reading old threads. Hahaha!

But I think he is pretty smart.

I saw nothing out of line in Stranger’s post. Had that been me, I’d probably have been less measured in tone.

He is super smart. That’s kind of the problem. He thinks he’s an expert on every subject he memorized a textbook on.

You’ve been here a week and you are smelling like a dirty gym sock already.

Pretty fuckin obvious.

Really how so? Please expand oh great one!

You are a fucking troll and a sock. No more needs to be said.

Now fuck off.

So in other words you’re just spewing filth out of your mouth with no evidence, fuck you troll!

You were correct. He is gone.

Thanks for the quick work!

Geez, it’s like cockroaches, isn’t it? You think you’ve got rid of one, and oh look, there comes another.

What, did the mods finally catch on to FigNorton and issue a ban?

Nope. DeathPool was outed as a sock. Of who, I don’t know.