Trolls R Us redux [Now the argument clinic]

You got me. I meant to say served a stew to brother and was mysterious about the stew’s origins.

They don’t talk about that brother.

A brother like that, you don’t eat all at once.

The Irish Ballad-Tom Lehrer

One day when she had nothing to do,
Sing rickety-tickety-tin,
One day when she had nothing to do,
She cut her baby brother in two
And served him up as an Irish stew,
And invited the neighbors in, -bors in,
·Invited the neighbors in.

Thank you! I keep telling my wife to lower her behavioral standards for me… glad you’ll back me up.

FP claims that accusations of racism are as bad as murder. bUt WhO iS tHe ReAl RaCiSt?

If you are far more likely to be accused of racism than you are of being shot by the police, then that is your geater fear.

“Come on, I’ve been accused of racism hundreds of times, that’s got to be equivalent to being shot by the police at least once.”

ETA: BTW, thanks for pitting this, as I almost made that comment in ATMB, but thought better of it.

Was mentally writing my first true Pitting, ‘For Unwanted CarnalKnowledge’, addressing the K’s habit of ignoring the OP to nitpick some minor point in one of the responses, when he up and got himself banned.

Having no recourse but to put my awesome title in this thread just feels like an L.

Flamedame may not be trolling, but they certainly enjoy whistling a very particular melody.

Yeah, looks promising. Been here 1 day, 1 post, 2 threads created, same subject matter. I’m remembering Down’s Syndrome Strength already.



Another one for the watch list: Hezarkani. Joined 8 hours ago, two topics, one post, four minutes read time.

Just sayin’


Both posts are innocuous. What makes you suspicious of anything other than someone who just discovered the board?

Probably word count to read time…


ETA: They aren’t long posts so I don’t get it, either.

Well, both have a whiff of the wind-up about them, I would say - but you may be right, time will tell. As I said, one for the watch list.

I would say, though, that as a rule of thumb -

- is a warning sign.


ETA - how could I be ninja’d on that?

I’m looking forward to the one where they ask about whether you’d lend a hand to someone who told you they were drowning, except that you were there and you saw what they did (you saw it with your own two eyes) and because you know where they’ve been you know it’s all been a pack of lies.

doofdoof doofdoof doofdoof doofdoof doodoodoof

If they start posting on one of @femmejean’s pet topics…

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll keep an eye out.

And I’ll remember, don’t worry. How could I ever forget?

Wasn’t there a ridiculous hypothetical posted once about killing a child in a car? I can’t remember it.

Yeah, something about your kid is trapped in a car, the fire is creeping ever closer, and your choice was to watch your kid burn to death or shoot them. Probably an interesting question to someone who doesn’t relate to other people in a “normal” way, but really disturbing for everyone else.