Trolls R Us redux [Now the argument clinic]

Well, having read all @Chela’s comments here, as well as the original thread, I think I’ll have to disagree with

It’s trolling. Maybe, maybe the original thread wasn’t, but the way it went on and here? Sure looks like it.

Everyone should protest the anthem at sporting events, but Chela raises a more important question:

No, we are not. Certainly not in any common purpose outside of making war. If we were, we’d have universal healthcare. If we were, people wouldn’t be moved to protest against the systemic racism that’s infected our country since its inception. Fuck an anthem.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programing.

I’d stand/ kneel for a few minutes of silent reflection rather than listen to the star spangled banner.

They might have an appointment for abuse and go in the wrong door.

Team, I just want to give @D_Anconia a shout out for his excellent assist in proving one of the themes from my latest OP, The Journey, about the evolution of my political thinking.

The OP was way too long (I originally wrote it for my Substack and it clocked in at over 5,000 words), so I broke it into multiple posts which, I assumed, would make it easier for the reader than a mere 5k WALL O’ TEXT would be.

In the third post, I make the following observation:

Well, guess what happened? :smiley:

Somebody had to, you know, whine

Now, let’s be frank. D’anconia doesn’t give a fuck about the SDMB. He doesn’t pay, he doesn’t promote, he’s just a user. He is so ignorant of the way this board functions that he asks the GUY WHO RUNS DISCOUSE to make a moderating decision. And he didn’t care, not really, that a thread was started by the OP breaking up 5k of words into separate posts.

Naw, he just wanted to be a whiny-assed bitch. Tragically, this teenaged, passive-aggressive shit was so blatantly transparent that even What Exit took pity on him in their response:

And, one last thing. D’anconia: you’re a coward. Fucking address me personally, especially when you have a complaint about me. Capice? Think your rugged individualistic conservative self can handle some direct conflict? You just fuckin’ fled to a safe space to whine like a 5 year-old instead of responding to the thread. And you constantly do this with me, probably the only person on this Board who realizes what a disservice you are doing to your namesake, Francisco Domingo Carlos Andres Sebastián d’Anconia. (A tertiary character in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.)

So, if you’re going to ignore my words, that’s fine. Be a man for once and just ignore my presence as well. Or talk to me.

This? This is embarrassing. But it goes exactly to the point in my thread, so thank you as well.

Whiner is a perfect description of D’Asshole.

He only pops up in threads to whine about somebody else’s posts, never to actually add any value whatsoever.

If ol’ clothy transitioned to female and created a sock here, she/her/hers would be indistinguishable from chela.

Amen. chela’s entire schtick is being argumentative, being an asshole, and being an argumentative asshole. No real contributions, just flinging shit. Find me one of her posts where she actually added something positive to a conversation, and I’ll find 50 where she was just trying to piss someone off.

Two things:

1.) If Francisco Domingo Carlos Andres Sebastián d’Anconia really cared about his reputation, I can’t imagine he’d actually appear in an Ayn Rand novel.

2.) capisce. You’re welcome.

I blame auto correct. Falsely, but I still blame it.

Otto Korrect is a troll.

Is Ron just stupid, or deliberately trying to get kicked off? Or should I say “Was Ron just …”.

Argumentative asshole who does not think that rules should apply to him.

Looks like Ron will soon be gone.

Clear sign that the moderators are part of the Zionist Conspiracy.

I thought they were an autonomous collective.

I am not saying Slithy_Tove is trolling:

But whenever he posts I always get the sneaking suspicion that he Did gyre and gimble in the wabe.

How could I have an intended conclusion before I saw the responses?

Your comment about a “consensus” is the fourteenth response, of which exactly TWO appeared to support the proposition that “people need cocaine, especially in a pandemic.” It seems to invite the inference that your goal was to reach that conclusion (in a way, this is more flattering to you than the inference that you don’t know what “consensus” means).