Trolls R Us Resurrections

Recall we had someone called A_Dodgy_Dude awhile back, who got banned…

We also had dude_roberts, who posted about flashlights and about what would beat what in a fight.

Seems we have a new alphabetic friend who came out as anti-vax, at least in regards to the COVID vax. They’re in the motorcycle helmet lawyer thread in MPSMIS.

Has anyone ever been banned from an entire forum, say, TQZ?
We might be about to see . . . HISTORY!

Easier, I think, to use a topic ban. Don’t post about vaccines.

We’ve had some bans from GD and/or P&E I believe. But they were months and not forever. Before my time as a mod.

Verified: Thread and Topic Bans for Great Debates

D’Anconia drops a veiled turd into the breaking news thread about the attack on Paul Pelosi. Points out how strong Pelosi is because Pelosi recently survived an accident which totalled two cars (in case we forgot that Pelosi was intoxicated at the time).

There’s also his delightful “Those armed masked men weren’t intimidating anyone” argument in the voting thread.

I’m torn on this thread. I mean, I agree with the premise of the OP. However, I’m also generally a fan of anything that pisses off @UltraVires.

You can have both. The thread probably shouldn’t have been closed, but the pearl-clutching about “oh woe is me where has the board of yesteryear gone?” was outsized. It was closed for a bit, now it’s open again.

When a thread veers into the territory of conversations that are against the rules, (and it was the OP that pretty much took it there), closing it while sorting out the mess was a reasonable option. Leaving a Men’s Rights conversation going was not something I thought should be done but I didn’t have time to sort it all out and was the only GD mod online at the time. The other GD mods didn’t both get back to me after I actually went to sleep.

Weekends are funny that way, Mods have lives too, even me.

It took some work this morning to handle the posts that were in violation. Closing a thread for a day should not have drawn such an over the top response.

No, no it should not have.

I may not have come to the same ultimate conclusion as you,* but I think your reasoning was perfectly sound. And I continue to appreciate the level of transparency that you and the rest of the current crop of mods show.

Per usual, a good chunk of that thread was an excuse to complain about moderation in general and not that decision specifically.

*and I’ll never have to, because I would have to be offered a living wage before ever going back to moderating any kind of online community.

Thanks, appreciated.

Indeed. It gets annoying. Lots of other garbage brought up unrelated to the actions taken.

See that’s…

Now you’ve…

But wait…

Nice bully pulpit you have here in the Pit, since I’m not allowed to tell you what I think.

It is a deliberate intimidation tactic designed to make moderators think twice before moderating certain groups. It is successfully used against government and news agencies, so there is no reason to believe it won’t continue to be used here.

Oh please, if the folks that run the place and interpret the rules are too thin skinned to read a few words from the powerless that the rules bind perhaps they aren’t temperamentally suited for the ordeal.

I’ve only seen mob action work once on this board to overturn a rule/precedent. It seems like the intimidation doesn’t work while building clique points does.

You’ve never seen mob action on this board, idiot.

OMG!! The hive mind mob is circling the wagons!!

Your complete lack of self-awareness is unsurprising.