Trolls R Us Resurrections

Neither. It’s been long enough since lunch that I forgot I’d muted the thread.

LOL! Mystery solved! :smiley:

I agree, hence why I said:

However, I still think that

Fair enough. Swallowing everything else is pretty damn gullible.

What of our new friend reallyneverknown who has appeared with another new, tragic personal story about their apartment, also in IMHO. This one also feels distinctly trollish.

This one is odd–someone who has made only six posts, the last one five years ago, bumps a questionable thread from 19 years ago.

Process already begun on that one.

Check out his posting history. All 6 posts were bumps of threads that were at least 10 months old and in most cases many years old.

Someone decided to burn a for funzy sock in response to something that came up in the “Can we discuss Moderation” thread in ATMB.

All hail the burning of the socks!

I burning you sock!

My socks stopped burning when I switched to the new antifungal spray.

Should we gather together, in a few weeks, and in honor of the national holiday, remember (unfondly) all the socks of years gone by?,the%20wash%20over%20the%20years.

I wonder which socks get rid off faster: the ones in my washing machine or those of the SDMB?

I like this idea. We can exchange recipes, recall our favorites, hoist the beverage of our choice. It sounds like fun.

It has sox appeal.:socks:

When you have 53 posts in a thread and post 53 starts with the following (paraphrased):

"I have no experience or knowledge of the topic at hand, especially on a professional level… "

Maybe, just maybe… and I’m spitballing here, so hear me out… you shouldn’t spend 53 posts telling us how this works for those professionals? Including the 250-odd words which followed this disclaimer?

Just sayin’?

That’s a mischaracterization. Most of SoaT’s posts in that thread are about other aspects of Twitter and the Musk purchase, not about its use as a source for journalists.

He was one of several in the thread who were piping up about how Twitter was a useless tool and then admitted they had never used it themselves.

@JohnT, I appreciate many of your informative posts and the effort you put into them. But this criticism is a bit much. As already said, the vast majority of Stranger’s posts in that thread were unrelated to the use of Twitter in journalism and were about other aspects of Musk’s takeover. Furthermore, he expressed a willingness to be corrected by those with more experience in this particular aspect. I see nothing here deserving of a Pitting.

So? I think the hypocrisy would be the other way around – if someone who was an avid user claimed that it was useless. It’s not unreasonable for those who have never used Twitter but have observed the sorts of conversations that occur on it, and have also read the many extensive analyses of how Twitter and Facebook have contributed to massive disinformation and the dumbing down of society, to be justifiably critical of these platforms. This is not to say that they don’t have some genuinely useful functions. But their role in promoting the emergence of a nation of uninformed morons addicted to their phones has been characterized – with some justification – as a genuine threat to democracy.

Oh fuck off!