Trolls R Us Resurrections

It will life in infamy as the Piazzagate thread.

Which is why the Game Room thread is kind of humorous if you know the backstory. He’s just taking a different tack for expressing his admiration for all things Mike Piazza, with the latest being that Bush should have campaigned with Piazza in 2004 because the U.S. was still so in love with him after that home run three years prior.

(If that isn’t enough to convince the mods that he isn’t sincere, I don’t know what it will take.)

For the record, I haven’t the slightest idea who Mike Piazza is. Apparently I didn’t get “united” with everyone else at the time.

I learned today that he’s not Mike Schmidt.

I only knew him from this song:

Ad Hominem means “attacking the person, not the argument”.

Little_Nemo is saying, “It can’t be what they say because EVIL PEOPLE”. That’s attacking the people making the argument, not the argument i.e. Ad Hominem.

But I used the wrong word, so fair, you got me.

IIRC, it’s the Genetic Fallacy.

No, Little_Nemo is saying “Republicans don’t like progressive tax systems”. Which is entirely true, and supported by decades of their proposed and implemented tax policies.

Republicans don’t oppose progressive taxation because they are evil, they oppose it because it’s their policy and they don’t consider it to be evil.

Wikipedia’s article on Political Positions of the Republican Party says:

I agree it would be fallacious to say Republicans oppose progressive taxation because they are evil but it’s not fallacious to say they oppose it because it’s their policy and a position they’ve consistently maintained in the past.

The funny thing is that it wasn’t necessarily a misspelled word; instead, he substituted a different word that’s pronounced the same but has a different spelling and meaning. Is there a name for such a word?

I call it a spelling error but maybe their’s another name.

I honestly can’t tell if you’re playing along or not. Lemme have some more coffee.

He’s playing a long. Surely he knows the phrase Ad Hominey.


I actually was not playing along and completely missed it but I have a nice cup of tea in front of me now to help avoid whooshes like that in the future.

I would love to compile a set of Ad Homonyms, e.g.,

It’s a malapropism, but one that only shows up in writing.

No, no–what do you call a word with the same pronunciation as the intended word, but a different spelling and meaning? Starts with an h.

Holy malapropism, Batman?