Trolls: They "Hit" Us About 3 AM Pacific?

Maybe, maybe not.

Just asking because since I no longer work, and I am up at all hours, I can see posts from #1’s a lot of the time. Sometimes the questions are valid, but then the OP doesn’t come back for a response later.

Just wondering! :slight_smile:

Please don’t brand me as a conspiracy (“monger”, I guess. Can’t think of the right word…)


I’m not sure if you’re asking about trolls or spammers. We get a spammers around the clock, but since generally no mods are up and online in the middle of the night US time, the spam will sit there for a while until the early risers are up, unless a night owl like Marley is around. Generally I start my morning by banning a few spammers.

We don’t get that many pure trolls, that is, new members (or returning socks) who post an obviously trolling OP and are insta-banned. I’ve only had two or three like that in the past six months. So I don’t think you’ll see any particular pattern in when they post.

As twickster says, spam and other problematic posts may hang around longer in the middle of the night if none of the mods are up.

That’s not unusual, and doesn’t indicate a troll. In fact, a troll is probably more likely to come back to stir things up.