Trophy Metamorphosis

Anyone know why today’s trophies take on the look of little statues on pedistals? Superbowl champs still get rings. Who started the deviation from medieval tradition and why did they do it? Personally, I’d rather receive a nice gold & garnet ring or torq for success in little league battle, even if it is plastic. It makes more sense than what I got.
Much obliged.

Huh? The Vince Lombardi Trophy looks very much like a trophy – the rings are bought by the football teams, not awarded by the NFL. In Little League play, the trophy ought to go to the team; if there are individual trophies going to team members, that shouldn’t stop you from getting championship rings if you want 'em.

BTW, I’m not convinced that there is such a medieval tradition; if you want tradition, why not go all the way back and demand a laurel wreath? :smiley:

For shame, Nametag. Never attended a class on medieval culture? Quick brush-up <a href=“Viking Answer Lady Webpage - In Service To The Crown: Warriors' Oaths To The King”> here.</a> Also, think about where the tradition of trading rings at a wedding came from.
And you only enhance my question by mentioning the Lombardi trophy: sculpture of something in miniature on a pedistle. Where did that archtype come from? Why did it start and who started it?
Alas, I search for answers outside green California :slight_smile: