Tropical Exception To Memorial Day/Labor Day Sartorial Standard?

So we all know one is not to wear [straw hats/linen suits/white bucks/etc.] outside those delineated Summer months.

But that’s for us in the temperate zone.

Is there a codification of whether and when you are far enough into the tropics that one could properly sport, say, a white linen suit, or seersucker, this time of year, in the N. Hemisphere? How far tropical would you have to be, if so? Ricky Ricardo? Cote d’Azur? Would Houston or Miami or L.A. cut it?

I believe even the likes of Miss Manners called that outdated.

I would say tropics, or darn close to it, if you want to follow the old standard. Somewhere free of deciduous trees and plentiful with palm trees. Can you grow tropical fruit there? Hey, fee free to wear white year round.

Again, the rule about white between Memorial Day and Labor Day is outdated.

Oops. Miss Manners guide for the new millennium says white shoes can be worn between Mem and Labor Day. Sporting shoes get a pass.

Clothing color not opined on.

People pretty much wear anything around here year-round. It is what I consider COLD here right now, in the fifties. It’s really obvious who the residents and the winter Texans are. When it gets into the eighties, we start wearing jeans and jackets. The winter Texans are in shorts and t-shirts. The old rules don’t really apply here–a couple of winters ago, it was over 100 in January and February. You just wear what’s comfortable. (yes–we have palm trees and citrus, too)

Don’t most people in warm weather climates want to get out of summer clothes? I actually like being able to wear slightly heavier clothes as the weather cools down.

I suspect that people in the Cote d’Azur don’t give half a shit about American sartorial notions, but that’s actually further North than New York.

Yes! That’s why we start wearing jeans when it gets in the eighties! I like long-sleeved shirts & jeans.

Huh? Shorts and t-shirts year round, Baby. Including to weddings.

That is the ultimate goal of many (most?) warm-weather dwellers.

I just wish I still was one.