Truck Attack in Berlin

Developing story…at least nine dead.

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They’re speculating it’s a terrorist attack. Maybe there was some evidence in the truck. The driver is still at large.

This is right by the zoo, correct? I was there this spring and thought I recognized a building on the TV.

It happened in front of the Gedächtniskirche, so very close to the zoo.

BBC report here.

The truck was loaded with steel beams.

Oh dang. That’s my favorite site in Berlin. :frowning:

Driver’s caught, and surprise, surprise, he’s a refugee of Afghan heritage, who arrived in Germany in February. The guy who was supposed to be driving the truck, a man of Polish origin, was found dead in the cab, and it’s thought he had been hijacked.


Death toll up to 12 now.

And a couple of days ago, a 12-year-old Iraqi-German boy was arrested and accused of attempting to set off a nail bomb in a Christmas market somewhere else in Germany.

The part I love about that story is that he made two attempts to blow up a gathering. His bomb on the 26th of November didn’t go off. From here (a German magazine, hence the Engrish):

It may not be PC, but, provided it’s proven beyond a reasonable doubt the kid did those two attempts, I don’t see why we need to keep people like him around. Or why he needs to keep drawing air. Are you really going to rehabilitate someone like him?

The BBC (link: ), citing the German newspaper “Die Welt”, says that the suspect is from Pakistan.

That’s what I heard too, but it’s still no surprise.

Great. Now they think the suspect is probably not the driver and the real driver might still be on the loose.

I guess they can’t say the man was Pakistani, since they apparently have the wrong person. :eek: