Trucking companies that will train people with CDL permits?

A friend of mine has recently gotten his CDL permit and is looking for a trucking company that will hire him and train him so he can get his license. He lives in MD. I promised him I’d ask around and see if I could find any leads for him. Does anyone know of a trucking company that will hire someone with a CDL permit?

Arnold Transportation
J.B. Hunt

Those three come to mind from my time working in shipping receiving. They had a lot of guys in training driving on permits. You could always tell by their inability to back into a dock.

If he can claim relevant experience often phone, electric, and public works, jobs need CDL licensed people and often have a shortage of applicants for it for their class B vehicles and are willing to take people that only have permits to start.

An easy way to get a class A is to hook up with a landscaper an F450 towing your standard backhoe trailer is a class A. I know some guys that have paid a few hundred bucks to practice a bit with an excavating company then took the test with their truck. The road test is much less about your ability to drive and much more about your book knowledge and ability to do point checks.


Looks like they have a company in Virginia.

I wonder if this occurs anymore, given the current economy.

I know some truck drivers, already fully trained, with several years actual experience, that are looking for work right now. Why would a company hire trainees, when there are experienced people desperate for work?

Companies are always willing to do it for dirty cheap labor. Some of the companies that offer it, contract the employees so upon getting their CDL they are contracted into working for the company for a substandard rate.

In the pool of potential truck drivers is a large amount of uneducated uninformed people. Many companies take advantage of that. New drivers are always a target for employment because they can keep them ignorant to what they can actually make and can keep them that way for years until they talk to enough other drivers to realize they are getting screwed. In some cases the pay format becomes so convoluted rather then making money working for a company they are actually racking up debt towards the company.

Experienced drivers know when they are getting screwed and know enough to turn down shitty work for no pay.