True/False Test

And your answers are correct Barkis.

Great so I’m even dumber than those dumber than bears.
I don’t understand what is going on at all.

  1. Polar bears that are dumb best be careful or they could become furry white rugs in some Arctic hunter’s home. :eek:


  1. Vlad said “We must meet urgently” to his double-agent.

  2. Now is the winter of our technological content.


  1. If all else fails, one can always wave the white flag and a solution may be provided.

20.? Raymond Smullyan stumped us by pointing out that European states falter.

Sorry if I misdirected by asking that hockey question. [I believe the answer is indeed the Bruins, btw] I was trying to follow Biotop’s “rule” several times in my post, as an extra hint of sorts. The actual answer to the trivia question is indeed “false,” and so is the Biotop-style answer. There.

Not a movie guy at all, and never heard of the movie referenced by septimus. I thought the question was a real question! I was pretty pleased with myself too, though as noted in my spoiler the first part of the question at least is ambiguous.

Heh heh. Well done. Good stuff.

  1. I am going to work and if anyone wants they can post the solution before I return.

Ok, for anyone who is still perplexed, the spoiler above will clear things up. You should now be able to True or False all the others. Great job to everyone who successfully solved the puzzle!

The key was to figure out how to answer true or false without the statement actually having to be true or false. I won’t say if that is the case or not with the original and still unsolved true/false test from back in May.

Nicely done. I had a feeling it would be something like this, but couldn’t see it even though it was staring me in the face.

Mind you, it took about 10 rounds of “I pass the scissors open/closed” before I figured that one out, so no surprise there.

I do believe it is no longer unsolved…
nice puzzle!

Well done Ulf the Unwashed! Kudos!